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2022 Registration



12U, 14U High School, 16U and 18U

August 13

14U HS, 16U &18U

  • 9am P&C, 9:30 All Positions - Presentation HS


  • 12pm P&C, 12:30 All Positions - Presentations HS

**14U Middle school roster is full




Coaching Staff

12U:  Ignacio Hernandez (408) 499-9623

14U Middle School:  Frank Villegas  (408) 903-8413

14U High School, 16U & 18U:  Ernie Garcia (408) 396-3931

 Please register or contact coaches directly for a private tryout or to join a workout!



Information about our teams is located within the Team Central page of our website.  Check out the coaching staff, current roster, practice and tournament schedules. 

For additional information feel free to contact Frank Villegas or 408-903-8413


"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit."

- Aristotle